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Why Choose BamBoost™️


Elegant Design

The BamBoost™️ laptop stand enhances ergonomics by lifting the notebook screen. It also acts as a cooler for your laptop as the air flowing through it prevents overheating. Due to its minimalist and lightweight design, the laptop stand is an ideal tool for entrepreneurs, creatives or people working in unconventional locations. It takes up very little desk space, but its simplicity makes it a striking accessory to have.


Genuine Quality

The BamBoost™ laptop stand is designed for laptop users who are always on the move and are ready to take their work and play activities to the next level. Our stand allows you to break away from the office desk and take a seat on your favourite couch, whilst working up a storm on your laptop.



The BamBoost™ stand is incredibly user-friendly and you will not have any problem using the stand on a daily basis, regardless of where you are. It easily slips in and out of your laptop bag and requires no effort to set it up, making it a reliable companion even when working under pressure.


The best thing about our laptop is its’ flexibility - the height is easy to adjust and it maintains a firm grip for any surface you can
imagine for your laptop, tablet or book.

Designed to Enhance Your Posture

To avoid suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and developing back, shoulder and neck strain posture, the BamBoost™ stand is the perfect trainer for your body to develop a healthy habit for engaging on your laptop in a sustainable way.

Sustainable for Excessive Periods of Usage

The BamBoost™ stand allows you to avoid staring down uncomfortably at your laptop from your couch by propping it up on a desk or table for a better viewing angle and to avoid overheating it.

Perfect for Video Displays

The real power of the BamBoost™ laptop stand comes into play when you are consuming video content. Just place it right where you want it and you will not have to worry about your laptop overheating on any surface.


Just want to say that I love this product and its' quality :)


Pleased to say that I am happy with my BamBoost!


It has been life changing! Thank you so much!!


What a fantastic companion. I love that I can take it with me everywhere.


I am loving this product!