About Us

What is BamBoost?

BamBoost is a South African office supplies brand, providing elegantly designed laptop stands to enhance your workspace. Our products are designed to strike a perfect balance between sophistication and practicality, which is a core element of our brand identity. Tebogo co-founded the business during her Postgraduate studies at the University of Cape Town, with the goal of providing a high quality product that was both functional and easy to move around with for the laptop user market in South Africa and beyond. 


Tebogo shaped the idea of BamBoost around three key principles

    1. Premium quality

    2. Elegant design

    3. Simple to use


BamBoost values relationships and community, with it's social media platforms encouraging like-minded influencers and content creators to create and share ideas relating to enhancing work productivity in sustainable ways.


Our Name

The name "BamBoost" was inspired by the fact that our product is made using 100% bamboo wood and is designed as a support for users against back and neck strain experienced from excessive periods and uncomfortable posture during computer usage. In the increasingly digitised world that we live in, we believe in developing ways in which one can participate sustainably and without compromising your physical health. 



Tebogo co-founded BamBoost in 2016 as part of her Postgraduate Diploma in Management and Entrepreneurship studies at the University of Cape Town (South Africa). She was driven by her passion for sophisticated office supplies, as well as her life goal to run her own business. Tebogo is currently the Managing Director of Kulima Capital, a private investment management firm, of which BamBoost is one of the nine portfolio companies that she oversees. Tebogo enjoys coming up with creative ways to serve the ever-evolving consumer market in a relevant and valuable way - BamBoost is one of the platforms through which she has been able to achieve this successfully. 


Tebogo Founder